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20 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

20 Ways To Raise Your Vibration- even when you’re in a bad mood!

Our inner world creates the illusion of our outer world. Our vibration (which is determined by our feelings) is what creates our reality.

So, if you want to change what you experience, then you must change your vibration. Here are some of the things that work for me on a daily basis.


  1. Create a gratitude list!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel bad when you focus on everything you are grateful for. So write it down- really feel how abundant you already are. This is a foolproof way to raise your vibration. Keep the list with you and look at it during the day and before you go to bed at night. (And add to your list every day!)

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  1. Do deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing clears our emotional and mental states, reduces blood pressure, helps us reach deeper states of awareness and helps us to relax and connect to our divine self. Breathing deeply and slowly will raise your vibration. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your nose, feeling the breath fill you and then exit. Deep, rhythmic breathing floods your body, blood, and cells with oxygen. Blood that is rich in oxygen will lead to systemic rejuvenation, providing you with more energy, joy, and a deeper connection to your body and everything around you.

  1. Go for a walk or get active.

Get your blood pumping!! By going for a walk, doing yoga or a workout that you love you will release endorphins that makes you feel good.


**Tip: do your workout or walk in nature!

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

  1. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Your words matter. Using them to uplift, compliment or express love and affection to others makes you feel good and automatically puts you in a high vibration.

  1. DANCE!

Do I have to say anything here? Put the music LOUD and dance. Believe me- this works ever time. And if you are a parent and your kiddies are in a not so happy mood- THIS will help for sure. #triedandtrusted

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

  1. Spend time with pets.

Animals are a natural therapy for the soul. Whether it’s a cat, dog, horse or a parrot, they naturally carry a lot of positive energy which will be transferred to you when you spend time with them.

  1. Listen to some binaural beats.

Check out this post I wrote earlier this year that explains this very well, and you can also find a link to my abundance binaural visualisation here!

  1. Stretch!

You know how smiling can make you feel instantly happier? The same goes for stretching: it makes you feel more relaxed and immediately reduces stress.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

    9. Light a scented candle or burn some incense.

Lavender, fresh cut grass, flowers and the ocean breeze. See where I’m going with this? Most people will agree to the fact that the way a place smells (good or bad-LOL) would affect their mood. Ever noticed how when you walk into a room that smells great, you are more likely to be a good mood. Your sense of smell influences your moods much more than you may know. Smell is the most sensitive of the senses, so why not make your environment smell amazing to raise your vibration!

  1. Watch your favourite TV show or movie.

When I feel “blah”, I binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And it works every time!! When you take your mind off the things that might annoy you for a bit, those things have no power over you and can’t mess with your vibration.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

  1. Affirmations!!

Aaaaah. Affirmations. When you do this correctly, you can create a MAGICAL life for yourself. The key is to believe what you tell yourself- then your subconscious mind will start believing it and it will become a reality for you. I’ve created a monthly printable Affirmations Calendar for Moms which you can download here for free.

Download your free printable Affirmations Calendar here:

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  1. Meditate.

Start with guided meditations if you are not familiar with meditating yet. It takes practice but is probably the most powerful exercise you can do on a daily basis. I will soon be adding guided meditations and general guidance to my brand new Youtube channel. So make sure to subscribe now to ensure you don’t miss any of it.

  1. Drink water.

This is powerful. Bless your drinking water with love and gratitude and it will raise your vibration. When water is charged with certain frequencies that harmonize well with your body, it will increase your frequency when you drink it.  (Check out the Youtube videos on Masaru Emoto and his studies about this!)

As mentioned at NaturalSociety.com:

“Water is a universal solvent cleansing every part of the body including the cells. At the highest level, water is a transporter of energy, thoughts and frequencies. I have said for over 40 years, “Water is so intelligent; it created humans to move itself around.” Let’s see why…

According to Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., a water researcher and author of Messages from Water volumes I, II & III, water contains a consciousness that can be influenced through prayer, music, light wave forms, written words, thoughts and more. It is NOT just gasses in a liquid form.”


  1. Dress for the party!

Put on your fave outfit, do your hair, put on make-up, paint your nails- even if you’re not going anywhere. Why keep things for a “special occasion”? You are alive NOW and since we are here for experience- why not enjoy it all NOW?


  1. Get creative.

Being creative could be cooking, painting, drawing, playing music, writing, anything that gets your creative juices flowing and makes you feel happy. I love any form of art and I LOVE cooking and cake decorating.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

  1. Make time for YOU.

Self-care is so very important and often neglected, so make sure this becomes a usual part of your lifestyle rather than a luxury every now and then. Go to a day spa or book that massage.

**TIP: Take a bath and add some Epsom salts to cleanse your energy from any toxic, negative energy.

  1. Be kind to strangers.

Giving to someone else (whether it’s a donation, food, or a compliment) without expecting anything in return shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough” to “I have more than enough to give to others.”

  1. Declutter your space.

A disorganized, untidy, clutter-filled work and living space is both a sign and a source of stress. Clean up the mess and you’ll raise your vibration.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration

  1. Forgive someone.

It may not be easy to do at first, but I promise it will lift your spirits and make you feel freer every time you do it. (You just have to feel it in your heart- you don’t have to invite them over for coffee or ever see them again.) Remember forgiving someone who hurt you has nothing to do with them and this does not show weakness from your side. This is all about YOUR healing and peace. Do it for you. It will make a huge difference in your life.

  1. Sleep.

If you are having a really crappy day, take a nap. No seriously. Sleeping resets your vibration, and you can decide before sleeping that you will wake up feeling great. And believe it!!

happy, manifesting, law of attraction, raise your vibration


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