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50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

It’s so easy to focus on the things that make us unhappy or things that frustrate us. And we forget that these are the things we attract into our lives. I saw this “tag” on Paula’s blog: Thirteen Thoughts, and accepted the challenge. So here are the 50 things that make me happy!

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In no particular order:

1. My gorgeous girls. They are my everything and just seeing them makes me happy.

2. My husband- he is super supportive and we’ve been through some really tough times together.

3. My family in South Africa- They all make me happy, even though we live so far apart now, it makes me so happy to be able to skype with them. (Mom, Sister, Brother and Mom-and-Dad-in-law- LOVE you all!)

4. Our amazing friends all over the world.

5. The family pets: our dog Pixie, and the guinea pigs- Fluffy and Squeak.

6. Our home makes me happy. I spend 99% of my time in the house, and I am happy to do that in such a beautiful and comfortable house.

7. Sunshine!!

8. Red Wine- I LOVE a good red wine.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

9. Music.

10. I used to paint giant murals on my kids’ bedroom walls. That makes me happy, think it’s time to do that again.

happy, manifesting, law of attractionhappy, manifesting, law of attraction

11. Gardening – One of my goals is to have a huge fairy garden with fairies and gnomes and streams and flower swings and LOTS of gorgeous flowers. Big trees where I can hang some windchimes and crystals off of.

12. Cooking makes me very happy!! If I had the guts to be away from my family for that long, I would enter Masterchef. But I can not do months away from my girls and husband.

13. Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa- definitely one of my “happy places”.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

14. Blogging!! My latest and newest passion.

15. Seeing people transform and seeing how they manifest their dream lives right before my eyes after doing my training makes me beyond happy!!

16. Coffee in the mornings – nothing beats that for me.

17. Binge watching Friends, an instant mood booster every time!

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

18. Summer evening barbeques on our deck.

19. Watching our home videos and going through photo albums. So many happy memories and experiences.

20. Waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the snow falling outside.

21. Decorating cakes. I have baked and decorated every single birthday cake since Jessica was born for both of their birthdays. It’s a secret passion I have and could easily decorate cakes for a living.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction happy, manifesting, law of attraction

22. A nice hot bubble bath.

23. I know, I sound crazy… But cleaning the house is like therapy to me.

I even made a lovely Spring Cleaning Checklist that you can download right here!

24. Rainy days. I am super productive on rainy days. Also, it’s awesome waking up to the sound and smell of rain.

25. Looking at the ocean.

26. Avocados.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

27. Rom-com movies.

28. My cats back in South Africa, our Brutus and Meow-Meow.

29. Giving gifts to girls (and everyone else!!). Nothing makes me happier than seeing their faces light up when I give them a gift.

30. Steak with my homemade mushroom sauce.

31. The ketones I drink daily, because it keeps me in ketosis and gives me a bit of wiggle room to still enjoy the non-keto things I love. (AMAZING STUFF!!!!)

32. The smell of Jasmine, because it always reminds me that it’s Spring.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

33. Filling up the cupboards and fridge after grocery shopping.

34. Long drives just looking at the scenery.

35. Horses, I can’t wait to have a horse of my own!

36. Watching House Hunters International, since I LOVE to travel and watching this takes me to very interesting destinations. (which I add to my vision board of course!)

37. Melktert. (a traditional South African dessert)

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

38. Everything bohemian.

39. Coconut Oil, because I use it for soooo many things.

40. I love all animals and I will totally rescue them all if I had enough space.

41. Reading makes me very happy. My favourite author is Marian Keys. I also enjoy personal development books and my favourite one is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

42. Meditating.

43. Yoga

44. The smell of freshly cut grass on the sunny Saturday morning.

45. Drinking red wine by a campfire at night.

happy, manifesting, law of attraction

46. Gorgeous sunsets, and we are really lucky to see here in Saskatchewan!

47. Movie night with my family, we make a big bed in the living room, pop some popcorn and watch movies!

48. It makes me happy when I get a compliment when I least expect it.

49. Dressing up and going out once in a while without the kiddos.

50. Pretty nails. I’m a qualified nail technician and I adore pretty nails and nail art!

Now you definitely know me a little bit better!  I tag everyone reading this to also make a list of 50 things that make you happy!

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If you decide to do this tag, don’t forget to leave a link in the comments so I can also check it out!

Love and Light!

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