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Binaural Beats-Free Visualisation

What are Binaural Beats?

Have you heard about binaural beats? What does it mean and how can it help you? In 1837, physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that listening to certain tones of sound could actually induce certain states of mind. For instance, if you listen to a tone of 100hz in your right ear, and 110hz in your left ear your brain will make up the difference and hear an imagined tone of 10hz. This “imaginary tone” is what we call a binaural beat.

Binaural beats were designed to put your brain into a meditative state.

 Brainwave Frequencies

The brainwave frequencies used in recordings are divided into four main groups. They are Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Delta being the lowest, and Beta being the highest. Inside of each one of these groups are vast amounts of frequencies to choose from that binaural beats use to influence the brain, body, and consciousness in different ways.

Researchers have found that we actually have all of these brainwaves all the time, though one of them will be dominant at any given moment.

The reason we are not easily entering the most powerful frequencies (Alpha, Theta, and Delta) is that we’re close to sleeping state by them time we reach them.

Beta            12-40 Hz        Problem-Solving, Conscious Thought
Alpha           8-12 Hz         Light Meditation, Awake But Relaxed
Theta           4-8 Hz           Creativeness, Intuition, Hypnotic State
Delta            0-4 Hz           Deep Dreamless Sleep

Binaural beats allow us to reach these frequencies and enjoy the benefits of them without actually falling asleep. The two states that are essential for manifestation are Alpha and especially Theta. Can we reach these brainwave frequencies without the use of binaural beats? Yes, experienced meditators are able to put themselves into a relaxed Alpha or even Theta state easily. Luckily, we have Binaural beats to get us into a deeply meditative state, which means we will have easier access to your subconscious mind – and you will be able to visualize a lot easier.

Binaural Beats, Manifesting, Abundance, Money Magnet

I have made a quick 4 minute Abundance Binaural Visualisation just for you!  Be sure to wear headphones for this visualisation.

First of all: Do not to listen to binaural beats when you’re doing something that requires your full attention. You don’t want to be listening to this while driving for example.

Find a quiet place, put your phone away and get comfortable.

Most important to remember: FEEL abundant when doing this visualisation.

Listen to binaural beats when you want to unwind, clear your mind, clear creative blocks and develop your intuition. It also works wonders for personal development practices like doing visualizations.

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Love and Light to you ALWAYS!

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