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It’s Spring Cleaning Time!



As soon as March hits, I start thinking about Spring cleaning. Living in Saskatchewan is really amazing, but after the extremely cold winter, I am very excited to open windows wide and get some fresh air in the house. With that comes a nice “clean-house-smell”. Let’s not mention that I am a true Virgo- and cleaning makes me very happy, lol. Believe me, being a homeschooling family and not getting out much in the winter, the house just does not stay clean. I like to spread out the cleaning and involving the girls, rather than trying to get it all done in one weekend. I have learned a lot about what works for me, and I’d love to share my tips with you.


A list! (Again… Typical Virgo…)  

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love lists so very much, so to me, it’s the number one thing you can do to make sure you get your Spring cleaning done.  If you are clear on what you need to do and have a checklist, spring cleaning will be a breeze! I’ve created a printable of my own spring cleaning list, along with boxes to check as you finish each task.  Print it out, and have it laminated, then you can use a whiteboard marker to check off your progress. AND you can use the same list next year again!

Set up a schedule!

The next step will be to decide which tasks are going to be done when–make a schedule.  And take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Some tasks I schedule during the day, in between homeschooling when the girls can be involved. (sometimes we do Spring Cleaning as a homeschool project!) They love to help me with some of the smaller tasks.  Others tasks I save for a weekend when my husband is home to help tackle some of the bigger and heavier jobs. Just be sure to spread the tasks out, you don’t want to burn yourself out and give up half way through!

Stock up!

Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time so that once you start cleaning, you won’t have to stop or put it off.  Stock up on cleaning supplies, air filters, and make sure you rent a carpet cleaner in advance if you’re going to need one. I like using a cleaning caddy, where I keep all my cleaners and supplies in.  It makes it so much easier to carry from room to room, and you can use it for your regular cleaning as well.

Okay, so now that you are prepared, let’s have a look at the list!


* This is the perfect time to clean out all your drawers and cupboards, and discard anything you don’t use, and haven’t used in the past year. (Who else has that ONE drawer with just random things in it… flat batteries, old pens, random candles, take-out menus. I’m sure a lot of you will relate. LOL)

*I always move my fridge as well, I always find treasures behind it. You’ll be amazed to see the amount of dust and dirt that was collected behind and underneath it throughout the winter.

* You might also want to tackle the stove/oven at this point. It’s the perfect time to give it a proper clean.


* If you are considering washing pillows, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction carefully. They can easily end up ruined, instead of cleaned.

* I clean my mattresses by sprinkling a bit of baking soda over it, clean it with a decent wet/dry vacuum cleaner or I rent a carpet cleaner (one which will suck out most of the water). Then I leave it to dry for a few hours.

* Tackle the cupboards and sort through clothing. We donate what we don’t need at this point.


*We often overlook this room, since the washing machine usually works overtime during spring-cleaning. So we move the washer and dryer and clean properly behind and underneath it.

*Be sure to remove any excess lint from your dryer.


I put these all under the label “general” because they are applicable to every room in the house.  I usually work from room to room, not task to task, but you do whatever works best for you.

*Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans, vents, fans, etc.  A long duster works very well for this.

* Windows.  This is a task I set aside for a whole weekend. Vacuuming out all windowsills Washing windows inside and out, and removing screens to rinse them before replacing is a big job, but the end result is wonderful.

*This is the one time of the year where I wash my curtains. (now that obviously depends on the type of curtains you have as well, so again, follow manufacturers instructions). We also have white wooden blinds all through the house, which we all tackle and clean together as a family- its time consuming but makes a huge difference once it’s done.

* Our unfinished basement gathers a LOT of dust during winter, and the girls use the whole basement as their “toy-room”, so we also schedule a whole day to sort toys and give the basement a proper clean.

* Spring cleaning is the perfect time to test Smoke and carbon detectors to make sure they work, and batteries replaced if needed.

So…are you READY to do this??? 

You can totally do this, and you will feel AMAZING afterwards.

Disclaimer:  PLEASE read all your specific owner’s manuals for all appliances, and directions for all supplies, materials and cleaners that you use.  Read labels on bedding, curtains, and anything you attempt to wash or clean.   Safety is a priority, and information will vary from product to product. This list is MY list that I am sharing with you, and this is all my opinion only.  REMEMBER: It’s important to gather your own information and make final decisions based on what you find out.